The Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier achieves a level of performance and refinement that was never possible in an integrated component. Combining the technology from our award-winning Momentum HD Preamplifier and Momentum MxV Amplifiers, it delivers reference sound quality in a compact framework whose elegant design only hints at the advanced circuitry within.

The Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier expresses the fullest potential of a single-chassis solution. The Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier is a modular design that is configurable to a listener’s preferences. The line-stage section can be augmented to include a digital streaming module, as well as a phonostage designed for use with today’s most exotic turntable systems. The result is a seamless circuit from input to output, possessing the authoritative power capable of commanding any loudspeaker.

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The backbone of the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier is essential Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems’ technologies including discrete, balanced, direct coupled circuitry married to a substantial output stage delivering 250WPC into 8 Ohms and 500WPC into 4 Ohms. If the LP record awakening has already captured your imagination, an optional phonostage module adds turntable playback capability. For those listeners keen to incorporate digital playback within the same unit, an optional digital streaming module, adds a full suite of capability. The digital streaming module includes legacy digital inputs, network, and internet music streaming. Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, and Roon are all directly supported. A custom iOS app makes for easy unit and music control.

Hand assembled in our Arizona facility, the Momentum MxV Integrated Amplifier is the ideal core of a high performance audio system, created for uncompromising listeners who want a single component that can truly do it all.

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