The efficiency, convenience, and safety of a parking lift can’t be beat. It’s why investing in one can be almost as rewarding as acquiring a treasured vehicle. Ok, maybe not quite like that, but you know what we mean.

While it’s fun to choose from a fleet of vehicles to drive, it can be frustrating to waste time parking and moving them. This is why investing in a compact, high-capacity parking lift like the BendPak HD-973P or HD-973PX four-post lift makes sense.

Both the HD-973P and HD-973PX are tri-level parking lifts capable of parking three vehicles in a single parking space. The HD-973P’s patent-pending design features shortened columns and an open-top design, giving it a lower overall height to fit in spaces where other three-high lifts can’t. The upper platform of both models accommodates vehicles weighing up to 7,000 lbs., while the lower deck can handle up to 9,000 lbs. and can be raised to a full 70 inches, so it can be used for cars, SUVs, and full-size trucks. If your collection includes a lot of longer and taller vehicles, the HD-973PX provides an additional 84 inches of overall height and 10 additional inches of runway length.

BendPak Tri-Level Lift

A compact, high-capacity parking lift, like a BendPak HD-973P, dramatically increases floor space while reducing the hassle of managing vehicle storage.

Unlike other multi-stacker systems that use fixed platform spacing, each HD-973P and HD-973PX lift deck operates independently, making it easy to customize space for each vehicle. Plus, since the platforms don’t have to be moved at the same time, it’s possible to access the second-level vehicle without lowering the one at the top, saving you time and hassle.

These are commercial-grade lifts constructed with heavy-duty steel and a durable powder-coat finish. The platforms feature full-length aluminum decking and non-skid runways. A compact and powerful electro-hydraulic lift system and multi-positioned safety locks provide almost unlimited parking arrangements between the upper and lower decks.

Multiple safety features provide peace of mind. Both lifts are engineered with redundant spring-loaded safety catches that immediately halt downward movement of either platform in the unlikely event of cable failure. A padded trip bar and limit switch system prevents the platforms above from contacting the vehicles below.

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BendPak Tri-Level Lift

The BendPak HD-973P and HD-973PX are tri-level parking lifts capable of parking a mixed fleet of vehicles in one parking space.