Imagine a day where two of Formula 1's brightest stars, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, find themselves amidst a ring of Mercedes-AMG sports cars, ready for the ultimate driving challenge. Welcome to Immendingen, a playground for automotive enthusiasts, where our F1 pros unleash the pure driving emotion of AMG. The duo embarks on a series of challenges, from precision slalom courses to adrenaline-pumping drifts. The first test observes them harnessing the AMG ONE’s incredible grip and downforce. The slalom course becomes a veritable ballet of speed and control, proving the car’s versatility and unmatched performance capabilities.

The excitement doesn't stop there; the next challenge features George Russell in the driver's seat of the C 63 S E Performance, while Lewis Hamilton takes on the new GT. Drift mode is activated, and the screech of tires fills the air as they master the skillful art of drifting, bringing a blend of exhilaration and technical prowess to the table. The grand finale leaves just one car unexplored, the S 63 E Performance. A playful game of rock, paper, scissors decides who gets the last key. Without a doubt, this unique showdown highlights the unmatchable power and elegance of the AMG fleet and cements the drivers' places as true automotive enthusiasts. View all Mercedes-Benz models currently for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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