Six months of anticipation has finally been lifted as Bizzarrini reveals the first complete images of their all-new Hyper GT, The Giotto. Engineered with a unique blend of past and present, this breathtaking vehicle marks a milestone towards its expected customer deliveries in early 2026. This monumental release comes with intricate details about its exclusive V12 engine developed in collaboration with Cosworth. Named after Giotto Bizzarrini, the genius founder of the company, The Giotto is an artistic creation designed by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio. The Giugiaros have deftly brought elements from the iconic Bizzarrini 5300 GT into the modern era. Details like the evolved dual bonnet vents and ultra-slimline LED headlights give the car a visual continuity, paying homage to the legendary 5300 GT while pushing the envelope of modern design.

The design team behind The Giotto has leaned heavily into aerodynamic efficiency. Formula One-inspired elements like the dihedral front splitter and rear diffuser combine seamlessly with a fixed rear wing to provide optimal downforce. Bizzarrini CTO Chris Porritt, with an engineering background from Aston Martin, Tesla, and Rimac, aims for a clear vision driven by the "emotional engagement" of both driver and passenger. The Giotto houses a track-focused V12 engine built in partnership with Cosworth. The naturally aspirated powerhouse is engineered for supreme drivability while meeting all global emission regulations. In a heartwarming tribute, the engine capacity is set at 6626cc, reflecting the birth date of Giotto Bizzarrini.

New CEO Julian Jenkins, who brings in extensive experience from luxury automotive brands like Aston Martin, Porsche, and Bentley, will guide Bizzarrini through this exciting new phase. With The Giotto set to commence on-road testing in late 2024, Bizzarrini is not just resurrecting the past; it's accelerating into the future.