Monterey Car Week, a confluence of luxury, technology, and automotive culture, witnessed a standout performance from Rimac Automobili. The Croatian marque presented the Nevera Time Attack, an ultra-exclusive model limited to just 12 units. And if you're thinking about getting your hands on one, you're out of luck—these mechanical masterpieces were all claimed even before the car's public unveiling. The event even featured a ceremonial handover of the vehicle to Jeff Miller, a fortunate California native who was one of the early adopters.

But Rimac didn’t stop there. Even as the Nevera Time Attack was enjoying its American debut, its sibling was overseas, making history at the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife track. With Croatian racer Martin Kodrić behind the wheel, the Nevera shattered the electric production car lap record by over 20 seconds. The final time clocked in at a blistering 7:05:298. These stats are mind-boggling when you consider that the Nevera is designed as a hyper GT, not a dedicated track beast. The announcement of this new record was strategically made by Emilio Scervo, Bugatti Rimac CTO, adding to the already electric (pun intended) atmosphere at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering.

Rimac made its presence known not just on the show floor but also at its thematic House of Rimac located in the hills above Monterey. This special residence was ornamented in Squadron Black and Lightning Green, complementing the showcased Nevera Time Attack. Here, VIPs and customers could live the Rimac story, which has sky-rocketed from a humble garage operation in 2008 to a global phenomenon by 2023.

Attendees were not just limited to the spectacle; they were part of it. Two variants of the Nevera—painted in British Racing Green and Polar White—were available for test drives around the mountainous terrain. This gave the fortunate few an opportunity to witness firsthand the ground-breaking hypercar acceleration and award-winning performance that the Nevera offers.

Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Group, sums it up perfectly: “Monterey Car Week remains a cornerstone event for us. Unveiling the Nevera Time Attack here, paired with our Nürburgring record announcement, is the epitome of what Rimac is all about—innovation, performance, and creating cars that are as thrilling as they are record-breaking.”

The Croatian automaker has once again set a high bar, not just for itself but for the entire exotic car industry. Rimac's foray into Monterey Car Week 2023 encapsulates the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection, confirming its status as a disruptor in the realm of high-performance electric vehicles.

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