As speed and performance continue to evolve throughout time, leading auto manufacturers compete to create the most powerful production car using their finely engineered powertrains. One brand tackling this trend a quarter mile at a time is Dodge, which strives to make more horsepower and torque with track monsters like the 2023 SRT Demon 170. Since announcing that the 1,025 horsepower Challenger as a limited-production model, speed freaks and fuel fanatics have been left to search for an allocation through dealers across the country. One of those lucky customers is Hennessey Performance Founder John Hennessey, who is renowned for taking factory performance to the next level through high-horsepower upgrade builds.

Hennessey Performance recently took to its Instagram to update fans of the brand with the production timeline of John Hennessey's new 2023 Dodge SRT Demon 170. With an order status that reads "In Production", the timeline shows that factory technicians are currently building the Demon 170 spec and will be prepped for shipping once assembled. This specific build stands out as #0025 and is anticipated to be delivered to Hennessey Performance on October 11, 2023. Leaving fans wondering and guessing what color was chosen for their Dodge SRT Demon 170 spec, Hennessey promises that it's not Pitch Black. The other question left to wonder is, how long will it take before Hennessey Performance's new 2023 Dodge SRT Demon 170 will be making some extra horsepower? View all Hennessey Performance inventory currently for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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