Ferrari’s Tailor Made program is responsible for a variety of unique Ferrari gems, with the ability to stunningly execute a client’s vision, bringing it to life in the form of a powerful, luxurious, beautiful, and well-crafted performance car. Recently, one of the latest examples that Ferrari has shown off in a new post on Instagram is a Tailor Made Ferrari 812 GTS, which features a configuration inspired by a country other than Ferrari’s home of Italy.

However, for inspiration, Ferrari didn’t have to travel far from Italy, going to its neighboring country of France. The Tour de France is what served as the primary inspiration for the livery of this Tailor Made 812 GTS, which features a light blue exterior with a stripe across the center of the car in the colors of the French flag.

When you open the doors, bright orange is introduced to the color scheme of the car, contrasted by black elements throughout the interior. The showstopping seats are finished in gorgeous Pelle Frau leather in the color SC-124 Mandarino, a bright orange hue. Altogether, this beautiful Ferrari 812 GTS is a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship alike, and it’s yet another testament to the wondrous potential of Ferrari’s Tailor Made program.

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