The world of high-performance electric vehicles is getting a substantial boost as Rimac Technology and EVE Energy formally announce their collaboration to produce battery cells in Europe. Announced at the IAA Mobility event in Munich, this partnership aims to redefine the battery game with a focus on high-performance, cost-effectiveness, and customization, particularly for Rimac's 46XX platform.

Rimac Technology is no stranger to innovation, having been a leading provider of high-performance automotive tech to global OEMs, with influence and impact that spreads much father than in Rimac Automobili's hypercars like the Nevera. Likewise, EVE Energy has been a pioneer in the lithium battery space, particularly with their 46xx cylindrical cell format. Put these two powerhouses together, and you've got a recipe for something truly groundbreaking.

This isn't a partnership that's looking years into the future without substance; the plan is to kick things off in Europe by 2027. The roles are well-defined: EVE Energy will focus on the processes of cell manufacturing, while Rimac Technology will concentrate on the development and high-volume production of battery modules and packs that utilize these cells. This is crucial not only for the companies involved but also for the European supply chain, which has been in desperate need of localized, sustainable solutions in the EV sector.

Central to this collaboration is the 46XX platform from Rimac Technology. This platform already boasts a slew of nominations for large-volume projects with big European OEMs. It’s designed to offer high-performance battery systems at a competitive price and can be fully customized to meet the demands of different applications. In a nutshell, this means class-leading energy density, customizable cell-to-pack solutions, and a top-notch battery management system.

Safety is also an advantage of the 46XX cylindrical cells. The cell design is optimized for thermal management, a critical consideration for the safety and reliability of electric vehicles, especially when abiding by the stringent thermal propagation regulations in the industry. The collaboration between Rimac Technology and EVE Energy offers more than just high-performance and sustainability; it also offers peace of mind.

As Mate Rimac, Founder and CEO of Rimac Group, puts it: “EVE Energy is one of the largest primary lithium battery manufacturers worldwide and brings a lot of experience in battery cell technology to this partnership." The sentiment is echoed by Jincheng Liu, Founder and Chairman of EVE Energy, who highlights Rimac's track record of pushing automotive innovation to the limit.

By localizing production and focusing on high-performance and sustainable solutions, Rimac and EVE are not only raising the bar but also fortifying the European supply chain in a way that promises to reshape the future of electric vehicles and energy storage across the continent. This is one partnership that promises to supercharge the automotive world.

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