ONEflight continues to expand its influence in the luxury sector by completing yet another partnership. Currently operating under the ONEflight network umbrella are secluded villas, private islands, fine wineries, motorsports, bespoke tailors, and now they have added luxury yachting charters to the line-up. This vetted network of the best of the best was designed to collectively collaborate exclusive offers for ONEflight members and to create “excuses to travel.” 

Through ONEflight’s new partner, AQUAZEAL Luxury Yachts, ONEflight members now have exclusive offerings and complete access to the world's fleet of luxury yachts to cruise COVID free in safe solitude to the most unique and elite destinations around the globe. Yachting is the ultimate ultra-private escape providing members, their family, and friends the opportunity to enjoy exotic destinations while relishing in the same comfort of the most luxurious of boutique hotels with 5-Star service and personal concierge through HH Luxury Lifestyle to match. The professionals with AQUAZEAL specialize in creating the holiday of a lifetime from start to finish. They have first-hand knowledge of every yachting destination in the world and focus on placing ONEflight’s members with only the top programs and with the best crew who curate every aspect of the charter to each travelers personal preference. Combined, these teams provide unequaled service from every angle and take pride in helping create memories to last a lifetime. ONEflight’s further expansion now provides member experiences beyond the imagination. For more details contact Mark Dismuke directly at +1.720.684.5650 or